Google unites with Novartis to make smart contact lens


After making smart Glass Google is now working on smart contact lens. Google and Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company Novartis, today, announced a partnership to offer smart contact lenses to market, with an initial target on patients suffering from nearsightedness and diabetes.


Couple of days we have got the news that surgeon are now started using Google Glass while in operation theater to observe the patients. It clears that Google is delicately working in healthcare department.

Novartis, via its eye care division Alcon, will contribute “expertise in physiology and visual performance of the eye, clinical development and evaluation, as well as commercialization of contact and intraocular lenses.”

Major areas for the project is to develop a contact lens that can measure glucose levels from the lacrimal fluid on the eye in the benefit of diabetes patients, and a contact lens that can provide “accommodative vision correction to help restore the eye’s natural autofocus on near objects in the form of an intraocular lens or accommodative contact lens as part of the refractive cataract treatment.”

Google Contact Lens

Google Smart lenses, which includes chips, tiny sensors, and antennas between layers of clear material that you can see in the image, get their power wirelessly and communicate remotely with a mobile device.

As of now, Novartis and Google have not disclosed any timeline for showcasing smart lenses to the market, and the official press release gives the only idea that, this is just a “first step for Novartis to go with the technology to manage human diseases and conditions.”

This might be a great achievement in healthcare department, we are also looking forward for it. Waiting to get more news related to this next phase of technology.