Google Translate Adds 10 New Languages

By | December 15, 2014

Google has always been adding new languages to its Translate tool and this time it has added 10 new languages which Burmese and Malayalam. The addition of Malayalam is significant because it corresponds with Google’s efforts to entice more Indian users into using their services.

google translate

According to Google, these latest additions bring up the tally of supported languages to 90, which means that around 200 million more people will be able to use its services to translate texts to their native languages. Google also added that the accuracy of Translate depends on the members of the Translate Community who provide supplementĀ Translate’s algorithms by correcting translations.

India is an important market for Google. According to it’s latest reports, India has about 200 million internet users, with 5 million new users being added every month. However, only 198 million Indians are proficient in English so it is necessary for Google to introduce support for local languages as well if it wants to fully utilize the Indian market.

Meanwhile Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt said that Google’s first priority in Myanmar is to improve access to information so that it helps its search engine and increases the accuracy of Google Translate and Maps.

Author: Saugaat

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