Google to shut down Google + photos from August 1st

By | July 21, 2015


Today, Google has announced that it will shut down Google + photos to make way for Google Photos, which is a standalone apps released in late May. The Google will shut down the Google + photos services from August 1; first it will shut down on Android platform, then on the Web and iOS platform.

This new Google Photos app is an amazing unlimited free photos host, where you can backup your all the pictures. When you used Google + photos, sign up for Google + social network was essential, but you can use this Google photos without signing up to the Google + social network site. All the users on any platform like Android, web and iOS can use it by downloading the apps.

The Google Photos app also has more features than older Google + photos services, which will allow you store unlimited amount of pictures and 1080p videos for free, you can also edit photos as well sharing option is also available. Here sharing of photos and videos is done by links rather than emails.

If you are planning to switch to Google Photos from Google + photos, you can transition your photos by suing the download link from their Google Photos page. If you miss the deadline, then also your photos and videos will be saved at by Google + photos, once you are ready you can export your photos and videos by using Google Takeout.