Google to launch the new Google Glass for work oriented users



As reported previously, Google is working on new Google Glass reportedly named as Enterprise Edition, which will be for working people and comes with some new hardware. This new Enterprise Edition Google Glass will not be available for every people. According to WAJ, Google’s new wearable computer will be for work oriented user and will be available for the development partners, who are working on this project. This new Google Glass will come with better performance and design, which will suit the workers. This wearable device will also not have wire like frame instead it will feature button like hinge to attach the glasses, according to WSJ report.

In the previous article, you found that this new Glass has more fold-able hinge, which lets this Glass to be folded like a normal Glass. This new Google Glass version is reported to be water resistant and more sturdy and durable. This new wearable computer is manufactured by keeping in mind its use, as it is reported that it will be used for industrial purpose, workers of warehouses etc. According to Wall Street Journal and 9to5Google, the battery life of this Enterprise Edition Google Glass has also been improved and will last more than the previous model. According to the report, the new Glass is currently in testing phase by developers.