Google introduce Eddystone Bluetooth Beacons

By | July 15, 2015


Google has launched a new Bluetooth Beacons, which are small gadgets to broadcast the location based information to your phone over Bluetooth. This product is launched in order to launch Appleā€™s iBeacon ecosystem. iBeacon has been widest implementation of these beacons till now, which was Bluetooth powered beacons, which can interact with your devices. Bluetooth beacons are little transmitters, which sends signal to nearby devices constantly, but iBeacons works with only Apple products.

Google has entered in this business by creating Eddystone, which is an open source beacons and can communicate with any iOS and Android smartphones. The main difference between Eddystone and iBeacon is that this Google product Eddystone beacons can communicate through any iOS and Android devices and it has more technical features than iBeacons.

The use of these Bluetooth beacons never became popular; the main reason behind this was privacy. It is not clear that Eddystone beacons from Google deal with those problems or not, but due to its open source nature, Google is planning a wide ranging ecosystem. The company said, they are thinking to use beacons for sending notifications to Google Now. This will lead to showing relevant information based on your particular location, for example if you are in any restaurant then it will show menu items of that restaurant.