Google to alert its Gmail users about unencrypted mails



Whenever we receive a mail we don’t think much, just open the mail and act accordingly. Google is taking another step for safety of emails. According to the company, it is working on a new system that will alert you if anyone has sent you mail from unencrypted connection.

According to the official blog post of Google, the Mountain View Company has done a two year study in email security with the University of Michigan and University of Illinois. By default, Google uses HTTPS that shows encrypted connection between server and your browser in Gmail, Drive and Search.


The company has started encrypting all the mails of Gmail from last year. The number of unencrypted mails sent to Gmail from other email service has increased, so Google has taken this step to notifying its users about the unencrypted emails. According to Google, these emails don’t affect the Gmail to Gmail mail exchanges, but it may affect emails sent from other email service, because they come through different server.

To overcome this kind of attacks and security breach, the Alphabet owned Company will roll out the new alert system in upcoming weeks that will notify Gmail users through a pop-up message, whenever you get a message through an unencrypted connection. The pop-up warning message says “to notify our users of potential dangers”