Google to add buy button to mobile search results



At an Event in New York City Google has announced that it is going to bring a buy buttons to mobile search within next few weeks. According to a report of Business Insider, this new feature will allow you to order items directly through some sponsored results on Google search of your smart phones. This process is called Purchase on Google. Google directly store your payment information and it also host check out pages, which pops out whenever you click on ads.

As this is the start, so Google is collaborating with a few dozens of retailers. These retailers will handle the order fulfillment and they can also customize Google’s purchase page with their respective logos and branding. You can also search some other products within these specific retailers sections. The number of retailers will increase as year progresses.

Google is also taking some other steps to make its shopping apps easy to use and they are also going to make it easy for the retailers. According to Business Insider, Google will directly take you to the eBay and some other sponsored retailer’s apps, whenever you click on that sponsored search results. This search option will also respond to the voice queries. This new feature will be available within next few weeks and going to be very helpful for shopping as it will also show the product reviews.