Google to test fresh food delivery options in two American cities



Google wants to deliver groceries to your door steps. The company is planning to test a same-day delivery services for food items. It looks like Google is trying to compete with Amazon in fresh food delivery fields.

The search giant tells Bloomberg that the company will start testing the delivery service of food items later this year. Initially it will start testing the services in two cities of U.S., one city is San Francisco and the name of other city is yet to be disclosed.

The Google Express has been delivering packed food for quite some time, but it is the first time, that the company is going to deliver fresh vegetables and fruits. Google plans to deliver these fresh food items by partnering with chains likes Whole Foods and Costco.

Brian Elliott, the General Manager of Google Express said to Bloomberg, “For a lot of our merchants that have been successful with this, we’re not representing the whole store today, it’s in our incentive, as well as the merchant’s incentive, for us to help customers get the full store delivered to them.”

Google also said that the company is expanding its Google Express services to five more states and their names are Lowa, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. This service is currently available in Chicago along with some other major locales of US that include Los Angeles, Boston, Washington and DC. Amazon already has a similar kind of delivery service named Amazon Fresh that delivers fresh food items to some city of US. Once Google launches this fresh food items delivery option, it is sure to give a tough fight for Amazon Fresh.