Google started testing new Gmail UI for desktop

By | May 13, 2014

Google is supposedly trying another refurbished update of its Gmail users interface for desktop and has begun rolling out to a few Gmail users to check the new features on the UI. The new UI has been intended to bring a common interface over different display screen sizes.


As per reports, the new Gmail interface will bring modifications to the new configuration of the email services. The new design indicates that the sidebar will be swapped with a slide-in sheet to utilize the entire display for mails. The update also offer UI modifications to Hangouts, and includes features like ‘rest an email‘, important reminder from Google about your appointment and other prior dates, your do-to list or replying to an email. The refurbished look also demonstrates that the stars via the post office will be replaced with pins and all the pinned mails might be set to stay on top of other mails. The new refurbished looks seems that the Gmail App for mobile version has a cleaner, less jumbled look compared to the desktop one.

Still there is no word from the search giant about the launch of this update for public, though Google is working on its design and testing is still under progress which means soon you will be able to use this revamped Gmail Interface.



New Gmail UI for desktop

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