Google to shutdown Orkut on September 30



Google has announced that it is going to shutdown Orkut, Google’s first social networking service on September 20. Orkut is the popular social networking site launched by Google back in 2004. It has never a huge success outside of Brazil, India and some other countries. This platform will be closed officially on September 30 and from then the users cannot log in or export their albums to Google+ and all the other tools and API’s will go down. Until September 2016 Orkut enthusiasts will still be able to export the data using Google takeout.

Orkut has started with Google’s 20 percent initiative and it allowed the employees to work fifth of the work on side projects and however it has since been supplanted by Google’s latest social network Google+, an ambitious service which ties into many of other Google products. Orkut is never famous in US but it find its user base in Brazil, where it is the most popular social networking site until 2012 which was then overtook by Facebook. In India also it is not able to hold on quite as long as it fell to Facebook in 2010.

Today, the most of the Orkut users are from Brazil which has 50 % of users out of its user base and 20% from India and 18 % from US. It looks like that most of the Orkut users have stopped using it in 2012 and it still features the Google’s old menu bar and not received any update from there. With the lack of maintenance, it definitely looks a bit antiquated now and it is not surprising that Google wants its users to move to Google+.

Now it is impossible to the newcomers those who want to create the new Orkut account, but the existing users can access the service as regular up to September 30 and Google says that ” three month time period should be given community time to manage the transition” and the Orkut enthusiasts can also export the data using the Google takeout.