Google shares new Dialer app for Android Smartphones


The Google has shared some screenshots of its new Dialer app for the Android Smartphone. With the number of leaks over the past couple of weeks detailing the Google Project Hera redesign, and several overhauled app icons and interfaces for the Android eco-system.

Google shares new Dialer app for Android Smartphones

The Google-provided the new dialer app screenshot which  reveals the ‘Call details’ section of the app, which is now complete with a call duration counter and also indicating how long a call lasted apart from the time it was initiated. The released  image of a reworked dialer app for Nexus devices. The Google’s Nexus Twitter handle (@googlenexus)  has tweeted on a new dialer app picture says- “it is a new dialer app which is right now beta version and available in upcoming weeks for the Android devices”.


The new redesigned dialer app for Android is very much similar to the recently-leaked and redesigned versions of other Google native Android apps mainly-Gmail and Calendar app, as well as the dialer app also looks like the various revamped icons similar, which is visible in the Chrome App Launcher of the Google.

The Google has also kept app update of user interface redesigns, which seen a new yellow-colored bar on top, instead of a sidebar with features  such as Trash, Feedback, account switcher, removing the ‘Settings’ option and more. The Google does not mention this new app will be compatible with other Android versions or its exclusively for the Android KitKat 4.4.2 operating system version