Google search soon to show Twitter tweets!

By | February 5, 2015

Twitter tweets now available on Google search. Microblogging site Twitter has signed a new deal with Google to display its tweets in search result, as the social networking platform tries to widen its reach beyond its 284 million active users. The deal provides the web company to access Twitter’s firehose, where the stream of data generated through Twitter is stored. This is a second deal between Twitter and Google after the first one lapsed on 2011.

Twitter and Google

People would now be able to view tweets rather than just the profiles of Twitter users when they search on Google, the biggest search engine with largest audience in America, according to data from ComScore. It is unknown whether the Google deal will include showing promoted tweets alongside Google’s own advertisements.

The deal seems to be a plan to increase the user base after last year’s disappointed slow user growth, crashing the stock down to 37%. Twitter has been pushed behind by 1.4 billion users on Facebook and 300 million followers on Facebook-owned Instagram. Twitter tries for its tweets seen more by the non-users and generating more advertisement revenue from the larger audience through this agreement. Twitter, also provides data to Microsoft Corp.’s Bling search engine and Yahoo! Inc., to draw in more people and speed-up the growth of the users.

The renewed deal which is not out yet and is expected to go public along with the fourth-quarter earnings to be announced later today. The company is expected to earning per share of 6% for the fourth quarter and 10% for 2014, according to the average analyst estimate and revenue of $450 million for the quarter and $1.4 billion for the year.