Google search iOS got improved Google Now and voice search

By | May 15, 2014

Google search has enhanced to version Google search 4.0 and offering on its iOS app and offers several features, The recent Google update 4.o bring you voice search feature I mean user allows to ask basic questions like what is the weather and so on. conversion with Google search initiated with “OK Google” Command.


For example initiating the conversion with Ok Google command and user can ask questions as I mentioned earlier what’s the weather like? followed by what about weekend? then the Google search is able to interpret following questions together and provide weather information for each question. ┬áThis advanced features already came to android versions just few weeks back.

The Google app is updated with some more features custom alerts which keeps you updates on favorite sites, Blogs, authors and more. This update also brings good news to the sports fans also with a special feature Cricket sport card which gives scores as well as sports news to the user phones with out asking.

finally this update also made search and Google now faster and made more reliable, This upgrade will deliver a beautiful and fluid image search. To use this updated version of Google now which will be available on Apple itunes store.

What’s New in this version

  • Google got improved Google now
  • Important feature is voice command initiate with “OK Google”
  • More features like Custom alerts which keeps you updates on favorite sites, Blogs and more
  • Cricket sport cards which brings you live scores as well as News regarding sports.

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