Google Search app v3.4 update comes with Timer integration and more


Google has started rolling out the update for its Google search app with the couple of great features such as parking remainder, centralised list of nicknames. The latest update will brings the app to the version Google Search app v3.4. The latest update to the app is having a new card which will displays the images that are shared by your friends on Google+. Some sources have revealed that images shared by friends are linked to a location and will appear when the user search for a particular location.

The Google Now mainly focus mainly on your current or future location and it reminds about the TV shows and the events. Another Google Search here added is this app points to the media controls in Google Now. This media control feature is said to be included only for Google Play Music app and it appears when the user plays the music through Google Play music app.


The other additional features expected to feature in the next update are real-timer integration, detailed card for travel reservations, hot word detection settings,  detailed scorecards of the sporting events and nearby products card. The v3.4 update has also added the Parking location card to the Google Now. However this parking card has not brought to the Play Store. This feature will automatically detects the place where the users have parked their cars and displays on the parking location card on Google Now.

The Google Search  update has not reached to the Google Play Store in India , but the listing in the Play Store is showing April 30 as the last day for the update for  the app . Google has started rolling out the updates to the Play Music and Play games apps. The Google Play Music app now allows the users to directly edit playlists with in the app and can share those playlists.

It may some time to roll out the update to everyone. Google Search app is also still not updated in Play Store.