Google rolled out 360 degree ads on YouTube



Google introduces the 360 degree video ads to its TrueView ads on Google Chrome, Android and iOS platform. For adjusting this 360 degree video, you just have to scroll the mouse up and down, and left and right to adjust the view. Google has stated that this format is more impactful on the mobile phones, which is also half of the YouTube user’s number. One has to tilt the mobile for viewing the different facets of the video.

First time, Google has unveiled a 360 video format in March this year, so obviously this was expected. Google says that the 360 video has performed 36 percent better than normal videos. Now YouTube is offering the 360 degree video ads with TrueView ads. The advertisers are charged, when a person watched 30 seconds of the ad or when user clicks on the ad to visit the advertiser’s page.