Google Releases shows growth in Q2 revenue 2015



Google has released its financial records of Q2 2015, this is the first time the company is releasing such financial records under the new CFO Ruth Porat. Google’s financial growth has been consistent, but for last few times it has not been growing as Wall Street has expected, however by the release of this Q2 earnings, the company has restored its reputation. The company has reported $17.7 billion revenue for this last quarter, which is 11 percent growth year over year and 3 percent growth from first quarter.

The main source of the company’s growth in revenue is the advertisements. According to Ruth, the actual revenue comes through the mobile and YouTube is playing major role. Its total advertising revenue of $16 billion was also 11 percent more than the prior year. Other category revenues of Google increased 17 percent than the Q2 2014, and these revenues come from products like Google Play Store.

Ruth says, “Mobile search advertising and YouTube are playing major role in the growth of the revenue. YouTube watch time has been increased up to 60 percent year over year, which is the fastest growth rate for the company in last two years. YouTube watch time on mobile has more than doubled from the last year. YouTube channel is also popular amongst content creator.