Google releases a brand new Wallet app to Play Store

By | September 10, 2015


Google has released a new Wallet app to Play Store, this is not the update of your existing Google Wallet, instead Google has released a brand new Wallet app with new sleeker design, new icon and a brand new User Interface. The color of the theme has also been changed to green rather than blue of the previous version.

The reason behind releasing a brand new app instead of updating Google Wallet may be the release of next mobile platform. There is chance that the update of previous Google Wallet may come as Android Pay. This can be simple, as users can still use the new redesigned Wallet app and can continue to use it until Android Pay rolls out and once Android Pay rolls out people can start using it pretty quickly.

This new Wallet app allows you to make payments between friends very easily and quickly. You can send the requested money through an activity feed lay out after you open the app. You can also check your balance as well as wallet card, once you click on hamburger menu. This hamburger menu also allows you to lock and cancel your wallet card as well as adding money.

Android Pay, Google’s answer to Apple Pay¬†may be the updated version of previous Google Wallet, which allows you to quickly purchase anything by just tapping. Android Pay is going to be a secure way to pay at terminals, in stores and some others.