Google redesigns Google+, hope you like it

By | November 18, 2015


It looks like Google is not giving up on its social networking platform Google+ after all. When we thought that it is over for Google+, the Mountain View Company has completely changed its design. The tech company has announced that it is redesigning its social service platform, which will focus around two main things: Communities and Collections.

The search giant had launched this social media platform back in 2011, hoping to take on other social media platform like Facebook and Twitter. Google has not found much success with its Google+ social media network, but this is not stopping Alphabet owned company from refining its social media platform. The company is hoping it would change its fortune.

Google is focusing around two of its most important feature Communities and Collections. Communities feature is a mini forum, which is dedicated to a particular topic, whereas Collections feature is a Pinterest style functions that allows its users create lots of post around a particular topic. According to Google, users are joining 1.2 million Google+ communities daily.

The design of the new Google+ is pretty colorful and according to the company, it will offer consistent experience to its users for all the devices like phones, tablets and web. The company also said that it has listened to core requirements of core Google+ users and has made changes to its social media platform accordingly. Want to know more about the changes, click on Official Google Post.