Google promises cross browser support for Inbox

By | December 4, 2014


Google’s latest Inbox interface for its established Gmail service is an alluring, futuristic but currently incomplete attempt at reviving the way we deal with the chunks of emails we receive. Auspiciously, it seems like Inbox team is working hard at unveiling the service out. Product managers, Designers and software engineers from the Inbox team provided the details on the number of new feature they are working on to add.

One of the such feature they are working is an unified Inbox which combines email addresses into a single view, which pulls multiple email addresses into single view as well as proper support for Inbox using Google Apps. Another notable feature is cross browser support for Inbox, for now it only works on Chrome. The team has said that they were testing it for another browser including Safari. That is the only browser they have mentioned by name, but it is assumed that it will work on Internet Explorer and Firefox as well. Eventually, it seems like Inbox’s goal is to have uniformity with proper Gmail.

Jason Cornwell, Inbox’s interaction designer said that, “There is a long list of Gmail features that will come to Inbox eventually” and noted that, “we really want to balance building those features with building out new features which continue to improve the Inbox product concept. If we were to build this it would need to work seamlessly across web, smartphones, tablets etc.,”.

Google drive integration, tablets apps the ability to download all the attachments at once and the better calendar integration were among the additional features which should be coming to Inbox very soon. Other features in consideration were undo send button and tablet support. In fact, there is the long list of Gmail features coming to the Inbox app soon.