Google Play UI update to be inspired by Material Design : Report


Some of the leaked images reveal that the Google Play UI updated with the recently announced Material Design. It seems like the next big thing from the Google along with the Android L this year. With the Google’s big push of the Material Design on Android, it is natural that the most widely used Play Store will also get the revamped visuals which adhere to the new material guidelines. We have already seen the new design with the applications like updated Google+, Google sheets, Docs and Sheets applications.


The design theme of the Google Play Store are based on the guidelines designed by the Google which is known as Quantum paper, which is internally codenamed as Material Design and it is revealed at the recently concluded Google I/O developer’s conference. The new revamped play store has more white space and the larger header images which are compared to the existing play store version.

According the reports, the “makeover of the play store is still under the way”. Some images are also leaked by the sources and purportedly revealing the Material Design of the store for the Android devices. The images are mostly in the background and are mostly similar to the album art images and more focus has been given to bringing the content forefront.

The latest version uses the larger images and the album art in the background of the listing. The main differences in the new version when compared to the previous version is it uses the larger images and the album art in the background of the listing and there are more white spaces with the improved font. Still there is no official word regarding the UI update for the Play Store.