Google Play Services crosses 5 Billion Downloads


If you are an Android users, then you will see a number of useful apps on the phone as Google offers a variety of apps as default applications on every Android smartphone. Google offers those apps for absolutely free with an Android smartphone all over the globe except China. The apps are very useful in searching for your favourite apps and games, for buying things, for surfing web and for finding the right locations through maps. 

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Today, we have an amazing news about the app which becomes the first one to reach 5 Billion downloads. We are talking about the useful essential app, Google Play Services. The app holds many tasks within your Android smartphone and it gives other apps a compatibility to run fluently on your Android device. Aside from your Android smartphone, this Google Play Services offers an environment with which most of the Android based apps can run smoother on the device without any interruption.

Every Android app or game requires a Framework to run on the system and this Google Play Services offers this and can handle up everything easily. So whenever you install an app on your Android device, this Google Play Services offers Framework to get it loaded on the device. If you uninstall or disable Google Play Services from your Android device, you will not be able to install other apps on your Android. To get the best results of your apps, you are requested to keep the Google Play Services app updated on your phone so you can get the latest Framework environment on your device.

Google Play Services app last updated on July 10 with version number 11.0.4. This update brings many functionalities to your phone with a lot of fixes and issues posted by the users from around the world. It is essential to keep all the pre-installed apps on the device and let them use as the way they are to get the phone working. Keep auto update on so you will not be missing a single update of your favourite apps. The app will set up new benchmarks for other apps in the future for sure. This is an unbelievable mark that this Google Play Services has reached.