Google Play Music doubles up its free storage limit


Good news for ardent lovers of music! Google Play Music just upped the capacity of its free music locker service from 20,000 songs to a whopping 50,000. Though the limit of 20,000 was still big enough for most personal music catalogs, now one can get more than double the capacity of free storage in Play Music.

Google Play Music

Head over to the Google Play Music website from your desktop and log into your existing Google account to get started. The music can be streamed or downloaded on phone, mobile, tablet, computer or TV with Chromecast, for free. One can just grab the entire library from iTunes or elsewher, or just pick individual tracks and albums to add.

In comparison, you can download up to 25,000 songs on Apple’s iTunes Match service, but one will have to pay $25 a year for the privilege. Amazon Music lets one store up to 250 songs from one’s personal collection for free or up to 250,000 tracks if you upgrade to a paid subscription, which will also set one back $25 a year.

In Google, one can opt to sign up for $10 per month Play Music subscription service (or get a 30-day free trial if you are new) for access to the web giant’s library of 30 million songs, but one does not need to subscribe just to store the music collection already owned. After uploading the personal collection, one can access it on Web when at PC or from Android, iPhone or iPad when ouside.

“And best of all, when you upgrade to a new computer or phone, your music comes along, too,” Google Play Music Product Manager Andrew Stromme wrote in a blog post Wednesday.