Google Play hints the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition


There is no official information from Google or Samsung about the regarding Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition, but it looks like the device is going to come. As if you see the screenshot below, some one at Google has swapped the thumbnail of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition with the Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition.


This is just a small appearance of Galaxy S5 GPE in the Google Play Store and it is not available for purchase. However, if you click on the link in the Play Store, it will takes you to the Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE’s page with the complete details and images of that device. First you will not notice anything new in the image, if you look carefully it is Samsung Galaxy S5 in the place of S4 and the image is badly photo shopped image of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

If have look software keys carefully you can find what is wrong in the image. We can consider this image as the error, but  Google has previously launched the Google Play Editions for high end devices like HTC One M7, HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and it won’t be a surprise if it launches the Google Play Edition for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Considering the image Galaxy S5 is placed over S4, this means that it may replace the GPE of Galaxy S4 with S5 or can carry both the editions like in the case of HTC One M8 and HTC One M7.

However still there is no confirmation of the device it may come with the price tag of $649 which is the current price of Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. We will keep you updated about the availability of the device and stay tuned for the regular updates of Galaxy S5 GPE.