Google Play Developer API made available to all developers

By | July 30, 2014

Google on Tuesday announced that it has opened up their Google Play Developer API to all the developers on Play Store, allowing various publishing and management tasks for apps. It is the great news for those who are looking to add some extra functionality in managing their apps.

Google Play developer publishing API let you to automate the tasks to do with the app production and distribution. It provides the functions which are similar to those available to developer such as

  • Releasing the apps by assigning the apps to various tracks.
  • Uploading the new versions of an app.
  • Creating and modifying the Play Store listings and including the localized text and graphics.


The API can be used to manage the product purchase status, in-app products and managements, uploading new versions of app, subscriptions and purchase management, releasing apps by reassigning APKs to various tracks and creating and modifying Play Store listings.

The new API simplify for the developers to manage their apps and listing which in turn create the better user end experience. This publishing API also makes it easier to upload new APKs for beta testing or staged rollouts, manage in-app purchases and subscriptions and modify the play store listings.

Google on its blog have written that, “The Publishing allow you to upload APKs to Beta testing, staged rollout and production and incorporate the publishing operations with the release process and toolchain”. With the publishing API it is easier for anyone ot manage the in-app products catalog, provide the tablet resolution screenshots and localize your store by listing the text and graphics.

Click here for the full details of what the new API can do.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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