Google plans to make contact lenses to monitor sugar level



Last year it was reported that Google was trying to make contact lens a smart device, which can monitor glucose level. This is the main project behind the creation of a health unit named the Life SciencesLi division, which is now a standalone company of Alphabet Inc.

Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and president of Alphabet has announced that this project will graduate from the Google X lab with Life Science Team and would be headed by Andy Conard.

These smart contact lenses can track your glucose levels, and then send the data to a device wirelessly. This will make the monitoring glucose level tasks easy. The Life Science Team has been also working on other health care projects like the Baseline Study and a cardiac monitor.

Mr. Brin told, “They’ll continue to work with other life sciences companies to bring new technologies from early stages R&D to clinical testing – and, hopefully – transform the way we detect, prevent, and manage diseases. This is the type of company we hope will thrive as part of Alphabet and I can’t wait to see what they do next”

Initially project of smart contact lenses looked more like paper-only project, but now it looks like it can become practical in near future.