Google planning to merge Android and Chrome OS




Wouldn’t it be interesting to see an OS, which is developed by merging Google’s Android and Chrome OS? According to the Wall Street Journal, the Alphabet Company is going to merge its Android and Chrome OS to make one combined OS, which is expected to be officially released in 2017. But we may see an early version of the combined Operating System as early as next year.

The report of the WSJ suggests that this new version of Android OS will run on Computers and desktops as well, though, we don’t have much news about which the type of computer. This means that we will see Google Play Store on the PCs as well as computer in near future. So this also means that Alphabet Company is going to rebrand its fairly popular Chromebook with some another name.

This move of Google is kind of an honest effort by the company to reduce the number of Platform, Company has to work on. When Google’s Current CEO Sundar Pichai became the director of both Android and Chrome OS back in 2013, the speculation about merging Android and Chrome has also gained momentum. According to the WSJ, Google has been working on merging its two OS for almost two years.

As of now, we are not sure when this new combined OS is going to be unveiled, but we can expect that Google unveil this new operating system at company’s next I/O event in 2016.