Google Photos saves storage space on your phone

By | November 18, 2015


Google Photos is one of the best cloud storage platform for storing photos and videos. You can backup and organize your photos and videos very easily. The search giant is adding new features for Android platform for making it even better and useful.

The first feature added to Google Photos will allow Android users to free up the storage space of your smartphone by deleting photos from their phones that has already been backed up. This “Free Up Space” feature will give you option to delete photos of your smartphone in bulk that has already been backed up, if you are an Android user. if you want to keep some of your photos on your phone or tablet, you can keep it as Google Photos will ask for your confirmation before deleting the backed up files.

Google Photos is also rolling out the “downgrade” image quality option for Web version, which will allow you to free up space on your Google accounts, if you are reaching towards the storage limit. This is a very good feature, if you want to free up some space on your account for further use. These new features are rolling out from today on Android platform, so you may see the changes pretty soon.