Google Photos allows you to hide pictures of your ex



Recently, Google Photos announced that it got more than 100 million active monthly users. Google Photos is one of the best cloud storage spaces for your photos and videos. Google has been making steady changes to its photos app for making it better and easy to use.

The Alphabet Company has added a really interesting feature to Google Photos, which allows users to hide pictures of specific person under the People tab. You can hide pictures of people you don’t want to see. Google Photos will not show those photos in its photos apps.

So, if you have some photos of your ex with you, you can instruct Google Photos to hide those photos. According to the company, these hidden photos won’t appear under the “rediscover this day” tab as well. This new feature is rolling out for Android users right now, while this feature is coming to iOS and web platform pretty soon.

This new hide feature of Google Photos is pretty easy to use. You just have to hit on the search button and then long press on the face you want to hide. If you want to bring back the hidden people’s pictures, you just have to hit on the overflow button and select “Hide & Show people”. This will let you see images of all hidden people. Google Photos have added a pretty good feature to its app, which will come in handy for most of the people.