Google opens applications for Project Ara developers


There is good news for the search giant Google opens applications for Project Ara developers. The Google has been taking the applications over on the Project Ara website. The developer boards in question are designed to facilitate the development of Ara modules and are subject to some strong hardware evaluation agreements.

This is an application process – in which anyone is welcome to apply, but only a select few will be provided the board.  To pass this you have a stronger your technical experience and module concept, the better your chances of being chosen for development.

Google Project Ara

The main aim behind this open application for Project Ara development is that to find the way for the replaceable modules of the Project Ara smartphone will allow users to swap out pieces like batteries, cameras, processors, storage, Bluetooth and other connectivity radios and so much more.

This new module will able to hold a thermometer, barometer, altimeter and more to facilitate mountain climbing. Maybe you re-design the module for health professionals with a portable heart rate monitor, glucose measure and more to treat patients. There are obvious limits here, it is just a smartphone after all, but it will be very exciting to see what developers like you can come up with.

The modules built by the developers applying for this very dev board will help pave the way for our future dream machines. This Application is open now until the end of the day July 17th, with round two starting July 18th of this year 2014. If you want more information then you can visit the official website of the of the Google Project Ara.