Google, now, lets you shop via its YouTube videos


Google is one of the companies that is very fast to innovate and introduce new idea to the market. True to that, Google’s YouTube is working on the means to change the way people shop online. It is using the power of the videos to bring a connection between the customers and the sellers. On Thursday, the company launched a new program with YouTube ads that allows consumers to shop for items from the pre-roll ads with a simple click.


Google is including items to its TrueView advertisements. The idea behind it is more or less similar to the ads which try to pull customers to its website. But now, the advertisements will have button within it displaying the specific offers that has the price and images for items using the details from Google Merchant Center. For instance, if an ad for Old Navy is being played, it will show a link to buy a jeans for $19. One click on them will direct the user to the advertiser’s website where one can avail the offer. Depending on the user who is watching the videos and the location, the items in the ad can be customized. There would be no change in the ads irrespective of access from mobile phones, desktop and tablets.

Chief Advertising officer Sridhar Ramaswamy said, “There are a lot of positive going for the ad business. There is a tremendous momentum in mobile search and mobileĀ  YouTube. We continue to make monetization on search and YouTube better.” He also added, “In a world where people want things right away, this is the ultimate expression of a full-purchase journey within an ad. For the first time, viewers will be able to not only learn about the products through video- they’ll be able to shop for them as well – seeing product listing within the video itself.”

A furniture retailer, when used the idea to shop within the advertisements, saw their revenue triple per view along with the 20% increase in the viewers who stick with the ad until it ends , in comparison with the other video advertisements. Sephora, USA-based cosmetics brand, said it saw 80% increase in the user’s consideration and more than 54% of the users are able to recall the new ads.

For the advertisers, there would not be any change in the rates for the new ads and would be same as the traditional ads on the YouTube. But if the viewer watches the entire video without skipping, the retailers pays for it. But the they are not charged if the viewer decides to click on it like the Google Adsense. It works on the simple logic that if more customers are clicking the ad it means the retailer would be interested to purchase more ads in the future which would give way to boosting up the Google’s on the whole revenue.