Google and Mattel join hands to launch a special product next week

By | February 6, 2015

After Google’s tie-ups with various tech companies, it has now (for a change) joined hands with the toy company Mattel to tinker up something new. With the major international toy fair round the corner, Google and Mattel are planning to unveil something interesting and new in their joint project.


The giant companies are sending out invites for the launch of a special product on an event on February 13th in New York City. The invitees are expected to see an interesting product debut at the event.

Google and Mattel invite

The invitation reads, “Mattel invites you to view what’s possible with exclusive announcement and product debut.” The content of the invite outlines¬† that could be View-Master reel and also says the attendees will ‘view what’s possible.” While there is nothing¬† that could point the launch could be rated to Android but the guesses are it could be something related to virtual reality.

Viewing things in the invite is what makes one assume and leads to have a faith that there are high chances of a virtual reality product. Revealing nothing about the product in the invite makes it all the more exciting and curious. Certainly, one should not fail to say the partnering of these two companies is pretty cool.

The assumption is, maybe, Google is trying to catch the attention of the younger audience while Mattel, with its struggle with rivals, could use the opportunity for its needed boost.  The event date is just a day ahead of the Toy Fair 2015 inauguration at Manhattan and massive crowd is expected. Stay tuned with The Tech Bulletin to what the mystery product could be and other latest information. For now, let your imagination run wild and try making guesses what the product could be.