Google Maps updated with “Explore Nearby” functionality

By | July 24, 2014

Google is releasing updates regularly to all its products and improving their performance as well as introducing few tweaks with each update. Today Google Maps updated taking the Maps exploration to the next level. A new button for ‘Explore’ is also introduced for the Google Maps app for Android and iOS.


The new Explore feature is designed to operate when you are in a certain location which has some interesting things in that area. In this way it is somehow ambiguously familiar to Google Now and Foursquare functionality. This features also takes multiple factors into consideration like weather and the time of the day. It means that from now Google Maps should never suggest the breakfast spot at the lunch time and will not recommend a day in the park or field if it looks like bad weather.

This location aware feature doesn’t stop once you have selected a destination and this functionality continuously provide the information once it gets where you are going along with reviews, transit schedules and more. This feature is not solely tied to what is nearby your location, this nearby can be changed to a ten minutes drive or 20 minutes walk. Navigate the map to your favorite tourist spot and see if there are cool events and any restaurant recommendations.

This update is also expected to see the improvements to nearby information when you hit on the My Location button. Google says that the Maps has the self learning feature that means, the more you use Google Maps to explore, the more you confirm the places you visit then it will better your location experience.

Download Google Maps for Android from here.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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