Google Maps Transit adds Indian Railways Schedules

By | May 12, 2015

Google Transit-1st FeatureGoogle Maps Transit adds Indian Railways Schedules and public transport information for eight Indian cities to the transit feature of Google Maps in India. Apart from these enhancements, the search engine giant has added schedules of 12,000 trains with arrival and departure in these eight cities.

The major cities include Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune. These India specific update features are already available for users to access via its Google Maps. The rollout has been done for Google Maps app in Android and iOS platform.

If you are planning to check Google Transit, type the destination in Google Maps, click on ‘Get Directions’ button and select the ‘Public Transit’ icon to find bus, metro, train options available. Google Maps will display door to door directions to the destination with the public transport options along with walking directions to and fro transit points. One can choose preferred mode of transit. This technology development will definitely helps in easier planning of any trip.

The applications is designed in such way, it provides earliest and best train schedule for travelling to desired destination. It will also provide information on public transport to take after reaching the destination. Google Transit will provide full directions from point A to point B with combination of buses, metro and railways.

Google Transit-2nd FeatureWith full information about trip starting from entire train route and all the stops, user will be having enough information about the next stop and distance towards his destination. Google Transit has Schedule Explorer menu on desktop version that helps the user to easily view and scroll through all the options on their screen.

Google Transit has become a good companion for any kind of travel that one undertakes. With it, one will never be lost, will never be lost and always provide the best and fastest route and which form of transportation will get the user to their desired destination in quickest time.

Whenever you are travelling to a new location, check in Google Maps transit feature before stepping out of the house. Precious time will be saved with the help of the application. Suren Ruhela, Director of Program Management, Google Maps said “Google Transit is part of our effort to make Google Maps more comprehensive, accurate and useful for millions of people around the world who take buses, trains, metros or trams to their next destination. We hope that the addition of the Indian Railways schedules pan India and updated information for eight cities to Google Transit in India will make it a little easier to plan your next trip.”

Author: Venu V

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