Google Maps to show you business hours of store in Holiday season

By | November 7, 2015
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Google has been updating its maps steadily making it more useful for its users with every updates. Currently Google Maps is one of the best and most useful map apps which even show you the hours that a store is open. Google Maps gets even more useful, as it will now show you the business hours of the stores for the holiday season.

Jonathan Sidi, the product manager of Google Maps said in a blog post, “When you search for a business and a major holiday is within the next seven days, you’ll see whether the business has a special holiday schedule,” This means that you won’t show up to any store that is closed if you are using this feature of Google Maps.

If you want to find out which store is open, you just have to search the place and you’ll see the holiday hours if listed. If holiday hours are not listed, Google Maps will show you warning message saying “actual hours may be different because of the holiday”.

According to Google, this new feature of its maps app will be available globally and will show different holidays based on the countries. Users will also have option to filter search results to see only opened stores. If you have any doubts, then you can match the hours on both desktop and mobile version of Google Maps and search.