Google Maps updated and brings In-navigation voice control and more

By | July 18, 2014
gogle maps

The Google Maps is receiving an 8.2 update. This update brings many new features including in-navigation voice control, elevation change information for bicyclists and faster access to voice input from the main map screen.

The biggest change in this latest version is to give Google Maps voice controls while you are navigating, and makes it hands-free driving advocates. During navigating you will now see a small microphone button in the bottom left corner of the interface, which you can tap and then give commands from your Android Smartphone

Google Maps updated and brings In-navigation voice control and more

This update Google Maps brings bicycling routes, you will see an overview of elevation for different routes when looking for directions. You also get an elevation map which shows the ups and downs, along with how many feet the elevation change is. You can able  to compare different navigation routes based on their elevation.

In the Google Map update you will also  that a notice an improvement in the way of voice control over the navigation. The area to the right of the search bar, that used to have an icon to get to  profile, now has a voice control microphone. You can  also tap it to perform regular searches, but you can  use it to show updates, and much more. Only you have to say “show traffic” and “show satellite” to get both of those map actions to happen with just your voice. But if you say “show bicycling” and “show public transit”  its don’t seem to work — again showing how primitive this first shot at in-map voice actions really are. This huge update of the Google Maps is absolutely free and available to download in the Google Play Store