Google Maps gets upgrade in UK with public transportation data

By | May 14, 2014

Google Maps which is a familiar application all over that as many users are using this application majorly in their daily life to find the locations and the path as they requirements. Recently Google Maps get the updates in many countries which covered London and some areas of south east England with Transport links and now this upgrade touches the Scotland, wales and all parts of England where Northern Ireland is still under work. The update is available only in iOS and Android also we get get in the desktop version.


Government and transport operators worked together closely over the past decade to make the transport data available  and also to develop the journey planning services like Transport direct.

The update mainly include travel information Traveline and National express, which cover almost 17000 routes of buses, trams, Trains and ferry navigation. Defiantly this update will helps the users to check, what route will be fine and shortest or fastest to reach their destinations. Even they can know the how many stops present in between the source and destination or interchanges they want to make  and what time the next departure leave.

David Tattersall product manager told with an interview to pocket lint that you ll able to know when the next trip is departing, How many stops and how for you can walk in between each station. And also said you can select your own path as you like.

New Features

  • The updates maps has schedules with one million of public transport stops around the world
  • Also Timetables for 17000 routes as well as covers more that 1000 transport operators