Google soon to let you post photos of food on Maps



If you are a foodie and try different foods at different restaurants and like to take snapshot of your food before you eat, then there is good news for you folks, because Google has something for you. Few months ago, Google closed its food shot app named Tablescape. Tablescape app was an app, by using which you can upload photo of your food with some caption of your choice.

Now it looks like Google is not giving up on the food photography after shutting down its Tablescape app, because it is testing a feature of Maps, which will give notification of a food photo taken at any restaurants and you can attach the photo of the food to Map location. Attaching photo to a Map location is also not very tough, as you can do it in just two taps.

This is going to be pretty good for Google, as with this reviewing any hotel, restaurants and food court will become easy and more convincing. This feature of Map is currently in testing phase, but if everything goes well and the testing is successful, then it is possible that we will be able to see this feature in near future. This is going to be pretty good feature for food junkies.