Google Lens is a powerful, AI-driven visual search app from Google I/O 2017


Google is stepping up ahead to cover one more industry. Google is aiming high to stick its feet into the AI. Since Google is primarily a Search engine, it is now covering major part of the technology world by launching its new range of products. As you know the current year’s Google I/O 2017 is going on and the CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai has announced one more product named with Google Lens. The app lets you search the entire world of web through your Camera. 

Google Lens offers a complete User Friendly Interface which can be used easily by anyone. Basically, Google Lens is a reverse Image search engine which lets you offer the information of a picture that you have just taken through your Android phone’s camera. This Lens is AI Powered app which is there to give you what’s there in the image through Google. Everything will be done automatically once you set it up properly.

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During the Demo of this new product, Google has explained everything to make it use. Just open the App and tap on an area, Google will tell you what’s exactly there in the selected area. It could be identify what’s you are going to shoot with the camera. Lens can easily do a variety of tasks as well. It can easily connect your phone securely to the Wi-Fi connection, it can be done by snapping a photo of the Wi-Fi router. They have even showed one more example of this cool product by capturing a photo of a restaurant. The app will itself tells you the name, the location, ratings and business area of that restaurant. The lens is designed to interact with the Google Home app so you can easily make use of this Google Lens app along with the Google Assistant which comes on the Google Home app.

Google’s new algorithm gives you a perfectly clean photos and useful information more securely. Instead of new smartphones, Google is stepping a way ahead to cover more of the technology industry. This new product of Google will surely be a game changer in the coming time.