Google Launches a new version of Google Wallet for iOS

By | September 23, 2015


After launching Android Pay recently, Google has launched a revamped version of Google Wallet app for iOS platform. This new version of Google Wallet app will allow you to transfer the money between contacts in US. Transferring money by this app is very simple.

This new version of Wallet app form Google is made by focusing on Peer to Peer transfer. Currently there are various Peer to Peer payment options like service of PayPal, Facebook, Snapchat and Square Cash. So this new service of Google for iOS will have some tough competition to face.

The main feature of this new Google Wallet is that you can send money to anyone in US by using just email address and the person doesn’t even need to have wallet service installed. People can use this wallet app for split tabs with friends along with sending and receiving payments.

People can order a physical Google Wallet Card via the app on your smartphone. This wallet card allows you to spend debit of the account in stores or you can even withdraw the money from ATM. One can even “cash out” the cash available in the account to their debit card or bank account, which is linked to your Wallet account.

For getting this new version of Google Wallet, you have to update your app if you have it already or download it on iTunes if don’t have. Want to get the revamped version of Google Wallet on your iPhones, click here. want to know more about the new version of Google Wallet, click on Official video.