Google launches new smarter and faster Chromecast 2.0



Google’s Chromecast is growing its popularity day by day and that also not only in US but around the world. At the Nexus launch event, Google has launched a new Chromecast. This 2.0 version of Chromecast comes with some new features that include universal search and Spotify support. Currently this new device from Google is available in 17 countries and costs $35 same as the old one.

Google has updated this new Chromecast with some interesting and useful features and apps, which makes this device smarter than the previous version of Chromecast. Now, Chromecast supports Google Photos that will work without any interruptions and it allows you to show your mobile pictures to the big screen.

Google’s streaming device lets you add some additional functionality from your mobile to your TV. This feature allows you to play your mobile games on the big screen for better gaming experience. The TV is controlled by the accelerometer of the phones.

This new device from Google is a new Chromecast that comes with circular design and an integrated HDMI cable. The design of this device is better and cuter than the previous version and comes with three different color options: Coral, Black and Lemonade.

The 2.0 version of Chromecast comes with three antennas that help it in adjusting the Wi-Fi condition in the house. The device also comes with better and powerful processor that let you stream higher quality videos with less buffering.

The New Chromecast from Google is a pretty good and affordable device. Its price is just $35 similar to the old one.