Google launches Google Assistant on the iPhone


Google has finally launched is Siri like app with Google Assistant. As you know, Siri is one of the coolest features which is available on an iOS devices, people actually do like to use this feature which can do a lot of things and can help users to get done of many tasks. Well, Google has come up with an impressive app called Google Assistant. Google Assistant just launched for the iPhone. 

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There are many reasons why you should start using this Google Assistant instead of using the Siri app. Google’s new Assistant offers machine learning capabilities which is more smarter than the current Siri app which doesn’t offer this feature. The app can easily recognise a number of different languages. You can ask the app anything from weather to Cricket score and other useful data which you want to ask to a person. This app can do a lot of tasks and can help you in many ways.

One of the most interesting features of this app is it can even sing a song for you. Yes, you heard that right. The app is designed to entertain you as well. The app holds a lot of things starting from playing music from various music apps to watching a movie from the apps. In case, if you don’t want to speak, the app can even let you enter your queries by typing in which is not allowed in the Siri app. The app needs you to tap on its icon to launch. On Android, you can just launch this app by saying Ok Google which is not present in the iPhones. Of course the app holds tons of additional settings which you can make and customize according to your basic needs within the app itself.

Google’s new Google Assistant app will surely make changes to the users’ minds as we can see a number of impressive features on this app which are not available on the Siri app of the existing iPhone users. You can download this Google Assistant app from the iTunes or App Store and can instantly start using it.

Install Google Assistant from iTunes