Google Launches Android Pay in US



Google is ready to take on Apple Pay with its own one touch payment system Android Pay. Today, Google is launching its NFC powered payment system Android Pay. Currently, the Android Pay is available only in US. This mobile contactless payments system allows more than one million Android users to check for the faster and more secure payment options.

The basic requirements of Android Pay are a smartphone with NFC capabilities and should run Operating System KitKat 4.4 and other more recent operating system. If you fulfill the basic requirements, you’ll get the access to Android Pay via Google Pay in next few days. Google Wallet users would get immediate access to this contactless payment system through an app update.

We got first glimpse of the Android Pay at MWC Conference in Barcelona this year; it was unveiled at IO developer conference of Google this year. There is not much of a difference between the functions of Android Pay from Apple Pay. This new Android Pay is likely to get support from all the major credit and debit cards like American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discovery. This new payment system allows users to save the credit and debit card details to your phone.

Currently Android Pay will only work in US and there is still no certain news on when it would to be available in other markets. Though it may not be a good news for people outside US, we hope Google don’t take much time to launch Android Pay outside US.