Google launches Areo for Food Restaurant Delivery and Home services


Since technology is expanding everyday, we all have to stay up to date with the latest happenings which are going around. If you are a bit of technical person who uses different types of apps for different purposes, here’s something special for you. Google India is bringing up a whole new app called, Google Areo. Google tries to cover the entire world with different services. This is the first time Google is launching such a service in the world and they are all set to cover the food delivery world with its new app, Google Areo. 

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Google keeps updating their users with new apps and other services with their respective new versions. If you are a businessman or living a life all alone and order food from outside on a regular basis, Google is providing you a variety of delicious dishes at your doorstep. Since there are already a number of such food ordering apps available in the market, Google has to come up with something extraordinary to compete these apps. The new Areo app will be available in Bangalore and Mumbai for testing purposes which is soon be available in the other regions.

Basically, Google Areo is a helping hand for those who are need of different services such as food, electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers, and others. Yes, you can get in touch with these people by using this app’s features. You just need to select the area and the app will give you a result of nearby restaurant and other useful professionals for electricity, plumbing and other household works. The app includes a number of payment gateways with which one can easily make an online payment through a debit card, credit card, net banking etc.

If you want to know more about this app or just want to install it right away on an Android device, you can grab it from the following link now :

Download Google Areo for Android

So folks, this was all about the newly launched app by Google, Google Areo. The app is packed with all the extraordinary features to explore a variety of things sitting in your drawing room. Let us know what you think about this app in the comments section.