Google introduced Earth View for Chrome


Google will be introducing updates regularly for its products and its Chrome browser is an ever changing window into the internet. Google has released an extension to the Chrome browser called Earth View from Google Maps. Earth view extension doesn’t do a lot, but it offers the simple, elegant and breathtaking. It opens the traditional new tab page and it replaces with the random view of somewhere on the Earth from Google Maps.


It is the amazing add-on and beautiful most of the times and it is the wonderful way to jazz it up. This extension loads theĀ beautiful and unique satellite image from Google MapsĀ every time you open the new Chrome tab or window. For example, if you want to find out more about the bird’s eye wow before you, then Google makes it easy. The location is listed in the bottom right corner next to the globe icon. By clicking on this icon while take you to the respective locale in the Google Maps through the new tab.

This offers the wonderful way to jazz up what is regularly a pretty banal of the Chrome browser and this will come in standard on Google Chrome for Education PCs because it is beautiful and kids will be interested/excited about the geography and other locations around the world. The main drawback here is it doesn’t show the bookmarks bar nor you can access the top sites. If you need quick access to the Google services and unread counter better avoid this.

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