Google includes Tweets in search result on Desktop

By | August 22, 2015


In May 2015, Google in association with Twitter started to bring real time tweets to mobile search results. This looks like it is working pretty well for both the internet companies, as today Google has announced that tweets will be included in Google search result on the desktop from now on. The result on the desktop search will be different from mobile, as it will show the result based on what you are looking for. When you search for an individual person, you will get the latest Tweets made by the person in search result, but when you search for some general topics, and then the search results will include Tweets from the Official account as well as the tweets of other user talking about it.

This new option is going to be fruitful for both the companies. For example, if someone gets an interesting tweet in their search results and want to dive into the conversation, he will have to signup in case of not having a twitter account. With this Google will show you the result of your searched topics, whereas Twitter or Tweets will allow you to know what other people are talking about that particular term. Anyway, it is good for us, as we are going to get more details about what we search. It looks like both companies are made for each other, due to this only the rumors of acquiring Twitter by Google keep coming up.