Google Hangouts updated with custom message sounds and SMS block list


It’s Wednesday and Google has came up with an update for Google Hangouts updated it to the version 2.1.223 from 2.1.100. Despite the small version number change there are few notable features added with this new update. Lets check what are the new things added to the update.

The main notable thing is, now you can set the custom notification sounds for the Hangout calls and messages. This feature can be found in some third party apps and it is very useful. In addition to this, Google has also added an SMS block list. It makes very east to see the whom you have blocked or unblocked if you patch the tings up.


Whats New

  • Ability to set the custom notification tunes for individual contacts.
  • Unified custom block list.
  • Keyboard indicator button is added to switch between the number pad and full keyboard layouts.
  • Hidden contacts list.
  • Group hangouts has been modified, now an option is introduced “Send to group” instead of “Send to hangouts”.

The keyboard indicator button added is little tricky, it is used to jump between the regular keyboard layout and the  number pad. This is very useful but at the same time confusing too, if you stuck in the numpad and don’t know where the button  is. In the hidden contacts list you can find out the contacts that you have hidden from the main conversation list. You can hide the hangout contact by long pressing on the hangout contact and select to Hide contact. The blocked contacts won’t appear the regular contact list, but are stored in the hidden menu and you can restore them whenever you want in the future.

With the latest update hangouts has got the features similar to most of the third party apps and still some features will be released with the future updates.

Download Google Hangouts from  Google Play Store and you can even install manually using the Apk file and download apk from  here.