Web Version of Google Hangouts to offer better video quality

By | November 10, 2015


Google is updating the web version of Hangout apps, as it has added a new interface. The video quality of the Google Hangouts is also getting better. This new design makes web calling more easily with its simpler interface and crisp image quality.

This new updated Google Hangouts makes video chatting better, which start pretty quickly and stay sharp throughout the chatting duration. Currently very few users get to try this feature, but this will be available for everyone in near future. This new interface comes with all your favorite buttons like hang up, mute and settings. The rest of the people in your conference chat are at the bottom of your screen similar to the old version.

Some of the highlights of the updates are that your video call will start faster and will render sharply. The Interface of this new updated Google Hangout is more subtle and immersive. You can easily invite your friends and family to your calls.

If you don’t find the new feature on your Hangouts, don’t panic folks, as currently it is available for a very small group of people. It will roll out globally in near future. If you don’t like the new version of Google Hangouts, then you can switch to the previous version from its menu.