Google Hangouts lets you invite people without Google account

By | November 20, 2015


Google is making its video calling service Hangouts more useful. Now, you can invite people without Google accounts to your Hangouts chat. Today, Google has announced a new feature that will allow business enterprises to invite users to the call or chats, even if they don’t have a Google accounts. According to Google, this new feature will be pretty useful for organizations, who want to host video conferences.

The person, who is hosting Hangouts Conference will still need a Google accounts, but the invited users won’t need a Google account for joining in the conversations. The invited users can join the chat by just clicking on the link and giving their name instead of giving some extra info. The organizers can mute, add and remove someone from the meetings whenever they want.

According to Google, this is one of the most requested features from Hangouts users. Google has been trying to add as much subscriber as it can, because of this company has been making constant changes to Hangouts service to make it even more popular and useful. This new feature of Google Hangouts will roll out in few days for everyone.