Google wants to use Holographic display for Google Glass

By | October 5, 2015


Google has filed a patent application to use Holograms for its eye-wearable smart device Google Glass, which will give better augmented experiences that allows CGI to interact with the real world. The company thinks due to this tech, new augmented reality experience will be more convincing and involving than the currently available version.

Google also hopes to bring an easier to wear headset with a wider field of view. For making this eye wear more useful, Google should allow projected content to communicate and react to the real world behind it instead of pasting content on the top. According to a report of Techcrunch, This new patent named “Lightguide With Multiple In-Coupling Holograms For Head Wearable Display” shows how Google can do this with augmented reality through holograms.

Google has filed for the patent, but still it is unclear that the company will use this technology or not once patent is granted. Currently Google is working on the second version of Google Glass. In Addition to this, the company has also invested lots of money in Magic Leap’s augmented unknown project.