Google Glass now available for all


If you are among those missed the Google Glass one day sale or among those who are waiting for the next upcoming one-day sale for Google Glass Explorer to grab one then you people don’t have to wait anymore to get this wearable device from Google.

Google made an announcement that from now all US users will be able to but Google Glass. Google Tuesday’s night announced this news via a +Google page post.

Google Glass

According to the +Google post, “We took in a considerable measure when we opened our site a couple of weeks back, so we have chosen to move to a more open beta,” reads the statement from the Google Glass group. “We are still in the Explorer Program while we keep on improving our software and hardware, but beginning today, anybody in the U.S. can purchase the Glass Explorer Edition, as long as we it on hand”.

As the open beta targeting, the invitation to purchase the Google Glass is not offering any discount. Here also you need to pay the same $1,500 for the wearable. As I told earlier this announcement will help only to those who have been patiently waiting for this device. If someone was hoping it to be available cheaper they might feel irritated, mainstream version of Glass, priced somewhere in the $200 range (although, based on the price of components, as well as similar devices, $500 would be more realistic).

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